Web Hosting in Nigeria: 6 Best Web Hosting Companies in 2024

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We provide the web tools required to make your
purchase as hassle-free as possible.

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That’s good to hear, Georgiana.

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I am very grateful for the efforts you put on this article.
This guide is extremely informative and transparent.
Can I expect you may post this type of some other article in near future?

Best regards.

Avatar of JIMOH Ibraheem

You bet! We’ll be delivering even more informative contents in the future. Just remember to bookmark this page for reference.


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Great and an article!
Best regards,
Demir Griffin

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Oliver Levi

I have used whogohost services a few times and they try with their customer care a little bit, even though it mostly automated responses sometimes, I mean the most important thing for me in business is good customer Care because if I run into an issue I definitely would be referring back to the company for a way out, but I had to try other hosting services like netlight systems where I bought my domain and hosting for my website Crackie SEO, it not so expensive or even half what Bluehost does but I like their services and I enjoy it.

Avatar of JIMOH Ibraheem

You are right. Customer service is essential to running a successful website. But unfortunately, only a few web hosting companies have this sorted out. I will check out Netlight and see if I can include them on this list.

But it’s always better to stick with the best. And the best is undoubtedly BlueHost.

Avatar of chandan Singh
chandan Singh

We are very grateful to you for this information and we hope that you will continue to give us similar information.

Avatar of Polycarp Atalor
Polycarp Atalor

From my experience, Qservers customer service is poor as compared to when I first met them 4 years ago. It saddens me to see this happen, if you must use them, be ready for anything.

Avatar of chandan Singh

We are very grateful to you for this information and we hope that you will continue to give us such information.

Avatar of Steven

How much does bluehost basic plan service cost in Naira?

Avatar of JIMOH Ibraheem

Bluehost costs around ₦1,300 at the rate of ₦450 per dollar.

[…] However, if it's still expensive for you, there are other hosting alternatives in Nigeria. […]

Avatar of Michael

Thanks for the info sir.
please is the smartweb hosted website easily accessible by people staying in the United States and Uk

Avatar of Tunde JIMOH


Smartweb will work fine for you anywhere in the world.

All you need is a valid payment method to access any of their services.

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please i smartweb mobile contact

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I am searching for the best web hosting companies list, and I found it here. Thank You, Admin!

Avatar of jimohib

That’s great to hear.

Please share with your friends.


Avatar of Eric

Thanks for your review Ibraheem.
I use Garanntor and I enjoyed their top-notch customer service; especially technical support.
But now, sites are down for more than 24hrs.
I’m dropping this hoping someone in the management of Garanntor will see this and make necessary upgrades.
They need to always notify customers of downtime preferably.

Avatar of Jimoh Ibraheem Babatunde

That’s good to hear.

I have not used Garanntor before. But thanks for letting me and others know about them.


Avatar of DonaldLouis

My Website is down for the past 2 months I cannot renew
The Garanntor didn’t respond to my cry
Whenever I pay, they will debit me
I have enough money in my wallet to renew yet I cannot

Avatar of Abiji Nicodemus

I had a daunting experience with smart web and their customer service I got didn’t help me in anyway. About 5 websites I hosted on one of their shared servers went down. Couldn’t do backup and there was no backup from their own end. I was assured nothing will happen to my files until I finally gave up and moved to another host. I almost lost my clients.

Avatar of Jimoh Ibraheem Babatunde

That’s awful. Sorry about that.

SmartWeb keeps giving us the support we need as an Agency, and has been doing so for years.

Till date, we’ve never had an issue that wasn’t resolved after creating a support ticket, and that was why I kept emphasizing on their customer service. I am sorry you had a bad experience with them.

You can maybe give them a try another time and maybe tell us how it goes?

Avatar of Fabian Ndubuisi
Fabian Ndubuisi

Great article you have got here! Thumbs up for the great work, putting all of this together.
By d way, l am a Web Dev, l have just finished work on a project but have been facing so much headache trying to pay for a foreign host as desired by client. I have tried some top foreign host providers , Bluehost inclusive but couldn’t succeed with payment, for days now. That led me to start searching a very good local host that can give me close what the foreign counterparts offer, if impossible to give me same. That was how I landed here. I had use Whogohost before now for a static site; they are not faring badly but now you mentioned how slow their Server is or page load time. I need a stronger and more much better rival that can handle a heavily database-driven website; taking all factors into consideration. Pls recommend one for me based on your experiences.
Thanks in anticipation!

Avatar of Jimoh Ibraheem Babatunde

Fabian, thank you so much for your comment. I really appreciate it.

Unfortunately, it’s now hard to use your Naira master or visa card to buy anything above $25/mo at this point. And the other option now is to use a virtual card to make payment. Even most of the VC companies (Barter sef) are down at the moment due to their overdue maintenance.

So your best bet would be to go for one of the VPS hosting offered by either SmartWeb or QServers. You can find their pricing table above, if their prices are not too steep. It should do the job fine.

Avatar of Nduke phd
Nduke phd

Sir you have done a nice job here. Please, I want you to help me recommend a web host that can be very fast and will support Google Adsense and good for SEO for my database application. Thanks for your response.

Avatar of Shivani Pandit
Shivani Pandit

Great! I really appreciate your article on hosting. I am extremely glad to peruse your articles. it’s helpful for me also I am totally happy with your site.

[…] some options are for monetizing it. So, if you want to learn how to create a free blog without paying for hosting, then stick […]

Avatar of pojam

is whogohost reliable cos i am having issue with renewal on bluehost cos cbn ban on international transaction? I’m afraid of downtime of websites

Avatar of Jimoh Ibraheem Babatunde

I’m sorry to hear that.

While I can’t really vouch for WhoGoHost, I can definitely recommend SmartWeb for your hosting needs. They are very reliable.

Please let me know how it goes.

[…] a company for web design is similar to choosing a company for web hosting. If you want a good website design, it’s important to check whether the company has experience in […]

Avatar of Ifeanyi

Hello Jimoh, Nice article you got there… will like to ask if you still consider smart web as the best in Nigeria. Want to move my website from SiteGround to smart web due to high cost renewal fee on SiteGround and restrictions on our Naira card. Thank you…. Ooh and Merry Christmas.

Avatar of Jimoh Ibraheem Babatunde

Hello Ifeanyi.

Yes, as mentioned in the article, Smartweb and QServers are the two hosting companies I recommend for ALL your project needs.

They both have amazing prices and customer support. So, you should definitely check them out to reduce your hosting costs.

Merry Christmas to you too, bro.


Avatar of Honesty

Nice write up ….

Avatar of Tunde JIMOH

Thank you so much for your kind words.

Avatar of Tomilola

I decided to give SmartWeb a trial based on how you vouched for them but it was a total flop. They cant even verify and process my payment made for the domain and hosting. All my services has been on hold since Friday. Created Ticket but no response. I think you need to review this article by making updated research about each of the sites you talked about to give people a more updated review.

Avatar of Tunde JIMOH

Hello Tomilola.

I am so sorry for the poor experience you had with them. I am very surprised about this.

However, the main problem was that you could not access their hosting services at all because of a payment problem.

I reached out to Mr Yunus (Head of Smartweb‘s billing department), and he assured me that as long as your payment method is valid, your issue would be resolved quickly.

And I am sure by now that’s the case for you. Please note that the review is very up-to-date, as I add to it regularly based on my current experience and my clients.

I hope that helps, and kindly reply to this if your issue persists.


Avatar of Henry Michael
Henry Michael

This is incredible.
I was thinking that WebManager.NG on this list was just a hype. I just migrated my bio website to them and boom – the speed increased from C to B on Google speed test without any optimization at all. Now I believe once I complete my onpage optimization that I will hit an A. Their prices is just amazing too.

Thank you Tunde for sharing this piece of information. It was really helpful.

Avatar of Ekpere

Can I run adds on my website that is hosted by Qservers. If yes do you know any good add company

Avatar of Tunde JIMOH

Yes, you can run ads on any hosting company of your choice.

To monetize your website, I would suggest Google Adsense.

But it can be very tricky to get your website approved.

I hope that helps.

Avatar of Godgift

Please what is the best affordable domain and hosting company in Nigeria that is good and secure for business?.. Am still new to website

Avatar of Tunde JIMOH


Based on my experience so far, I believe WebManager.ng is the way to go.

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