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Skip the time-consuming tasks of managing your social media and get back to what you do best. We take care of everything, including engaging with followers, creating content, and monitoring trends.

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Are your social media efforts falling short of what you'd like them to be? More than ever, social media is a “pay-to-play” environment that needs all of your resources: a well-thought-out strategy, complete dedication, and a well-defined budget.

In addition to organic outreach, getting your brand in front of your target audience without spending money on advertising, whether for a long-term campaign or a one-time sponsored post, can be difficult.

At Tech O'Clock, we know how to integrate our social media management service into your overall marketing strategy to improve your online visibility. Our social media management company can bring you new followers, nurture them, and turn them into passionate clients.

The internet is a space that never stops evolving. But is your company taking advantage of the latest social media features? You can see the proof wiith the way we manage our clients’ social media accounts.

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Creative Social Media Managers

When it comes to making a purchase decision, nearly 75% of people use social media. Companies invest in social media management services because it is an important touchpoint for online shoppers in the B2C and B2B industries.

Tech O'Clock is a trusted choice for all social media services, with client recommendation higher than the industry average. We'll work with you to increase your brand exposure, customer loyalty, income, and more as your social media manager.

We are managed by millennials who eat, live and breathe digital marketing, we also offer services like content marketing, social media advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), and website design.

If you want to build a cult of followers and increase your sales, reach out to us to discuss your social media goals.

Social Media Facts You Should Know

33 Million+ Social Media Users
Nigeria has a population of approximately 33 million people who use social media. In just six months (April 2020 – January 2021), the number climbed by more than 6.1 million. With more users signing up every day, your prospective consumers are growing every day as well.
All Age Groups are Social
Nigerians between the ages of 18 and 54 are the most active social media users. They spend 3 hours and 30 minutes every day on average! This means you can reach your customers at anytime, regardless of their age.
Get Customers on Demand
According to a recent study, 44 percent of local businesses now use social media to raise brand awareness. Furthermore, 77 percent of small business owners say they rely on social media to generate revenue.
Facebook is the #1 Choice
Facebook is Nigeria's most popular social media network, with over 87 percent of our active internet users visiting it at least once a month. With 76 percent, YouTube comes in second. It's no surprise why Facebook is the most effective social media marketing platform in Nigeria.
Grow Faster with Paid Ads
Businesses in Nigeria (including your competitors) spent over $62 million on social media ads in 2020 alone. Are you still baffled as to why, even in this downturn, your competitors are stealing all of your customers?
Social Media vs TV
Nigerian internet users claim that social media helps them discover brands more quickly. Social media platforms now account for nearly 57 percent of new brand discoveries, compared to 49 percent for TV commercials.

Why Hire a Social Media Management Company in Lagos?

If you're an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or just manage a company account on social media and don't have the time or resources to dedicate to the job, then you should hire a social media management company.

When someone is doing something they are passionate about, it makes it much easier for them to do their job well. When you handle your own social media and try to run your business all by yourself, the things that make you passionate might not be daily postings and commenting. And these repititive tasks can often take up all of your time and energy.

While it's important for business owners and marketers to understand the real effort and cost of social media management, they should also be aware of the tremendous advantages that a well-grounded strategy can provide. Consider how a social media management service is perfectly positioned to help you if you want these benefits at a fraction of the cost.

When social media management is brought in-house, according to Godwin Omije, our lead social media manager—it rarely gets the attention it deserves and the strategic input it requires to be successful. So, why risk missing out on the opportunity to create brand awareness, generate leads, and generate sales by doing it through trial and error?

One of the most effective ways to get your business noticed by your target audience is through social media. Today, social media is exerting a powerful impact on brands' marketing strategies. The days of using social media simply for personal reasons are long gone.

Brands from all over the Nigeria are flocking to these online communities at a record rate to reach their target audiences, promote their businesses, create more leads, and increase conversions. It doesn't matter what industry you're in or how big your company is. Using social media to launch campaigns will almost certainly yield great outcomes. Your digital marketing strategy will be more effective with a social media managment plan, whether it's for ecommerce store or service-based businesses.

In fact, social media platforms are used by 74 percent of online consumers to investigate products and services. This is the extent in which social media influences the purchasing decisions of your potential clients. And this is why you need a social media managment company.

Social Media Management FAQs

Social media management is the process of maximizing the impact of social media platforms for a business. It includes activities like social listening, content development and publishing, and customer service.

It is more than just increasing followers and posting new content on your company's social media platforms. Social media management also entails using these platforms to better understand your customers and what they want from you.

A recent study by SKIM highlights the benefits of using social media for business.

SKIM found that there is a correlation between social media usage and business success. It found that 74% of SMBs use social media in order to grow their business.

Social media is an effective and relatively inexpensive marketing tool, and it enables businesses to reach out to potential customers with a message tailored specifically for them. Social media management can be an invaluable resource for small businesses looking to save time and money on marketing efforts.

Social media management services provide content and real-time engagement for businesses of all sizes.

The need for social media management services is not only limited to big brands. Smaller companies also require skilled professionals who can help them get more visibility on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

A company’s brand is the most important thing they have to worry about in today’s market and so successful business owners are investing in social media management services in order to keep their customers engaged with their company's activities.

We look at followers, engagement, and website traffic as key performance indicators. In the long run, all of these metrics have an impact on sales. These indicators will increase on a monthly basis, and we'll keep track of our efforts to assess how well this is working for you.

Growth on Facebook will be determined by advertising and the effectiveness of your social campaigns. Our clients often see an organic increase of 100-300 followers each month on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

It takes about 7 days on average before you notice any significant changes. It could be shorter or longer, depending on the level of competition in your business and other things.

To begin your social media marketing campaign, please contact us at any time.

We'll contact you to talk through the details of your project with one of our social media managers.

Following the meeting, we'll devise a strategy for you. We'll get straight to work on your social media campaign immediately you sign the contract!

To figure out which social media sites your target audience enjoys, you'll need to perform market research. As a result of this information, you should endeavour to increase your presence across all platforms.

Consider the types of products and services you offer before deciding on the platform that best represents your company's brand image. Finally, consider your company's goals and the platforms that will best assist you in achieving them.

Our social media management services are focused on growing your social media channels' followers and engagement. As you get more followers, your organic website traffic may improve. You should, however, use our paid social advertising solution to see an immediate increase in your website traffic.

We normally charge a small setup fee to set up your SMM account, track your ads, and install tracking pixels.

This fee is usually waived if you hire us within three (3) days of receiving a proposal.

We offer three-month contracts as a starting point. Your account will be handled on a month-to-month basis once the initial contract term has ended. You can cancel at any time by sending a 30-day written. We will cancel all services and return any information we have to you after 30 days.

No, you are not required to supply content to us. If you have content, however, we would be delighted to use it.

Your social media account manager can create original content that is tailored to your company's image. Stock photos, basic design software, and relevant news sources are all available to us. We can utilize this information to create content that will engage your audience  perfectly.

Because we have great team of social media strategists on staff, any one of our in-house social media managers can handle your SM campaign. We will, however, designate a specific social media manager to work solely on your campaign.

Whenever you have a question or concern about SMM, your account manager will be the first person you reach.

Social media marketing is a subset of social media management. Social media marketing is the process of promoting a brand or product on social media channels, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Social media management is the process of managing those channels by creating content for them and responding to customer feedback.

In short, social media management involves all aspects of a company’s presence on social media from writing content to reporting data.

Remember that picking a successful social media management agency is more than the company's nice offices; it's about if the social media company can produce the social media results your brand needs to grow.

If you're looking for a social media company that cares about your success, you've come to the right place. Over the course of our many years of collaboration, we've always focused on creating a positive return on investment for our clients.

Instead of going with the cheapest social media management agency in Lagos, go with the one that produces results!

Ready to start your campaign?

Social Media Management Service in Lagos

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Health Product Manufacturer


New Facebook Followers


Facebook Post Engagements

Tech O'Clock was approached by a manufacturer and national distributor of health performance products in 2019 to help them build their audience and create new product engagements.

Our marketing campaigns enabled the client to reach out to interested audiences and receive direct messages about their new product.

Social Media Management - Social Media Management 3
Agro-Investment Platform


New Facebook Followers


Facebook Post Engagements

An agricultural investment firm chose Tech O'Clock for its social media management needs and also entrusted us with thier social media advertising.

We exceeded all expectations as we more than tripled the number of average engagements, gaining over 3,400 new followers.

Social Media Management - Social Media Management 4
Financial Solutions Company


New Facebook Followers


Facebook Post Engagements

A financial solutions firm hired Tech O'Clock to create an online community for its clients, better engage target groups about its solutions, and promote its brand narrative through organic and sponsored advertising.

Our social media management firm achieved the outcomes above in just ten months.

Social Media Marketing Platforms

Facebook Management
Facebook is now the most popular social media platform, and it is expected to stay that way in the future. In June of this year, Facebook had 1.47 billion daily active users. Facebook is also the most widely used social media site for promotion. And because Facebook works for practically any business, it's a wonderful place to start with your social media presence.

Facebook's social media campaigns allows businesses and ad agencies to target particular populations based on their goals. Campaigns that generate awareness, inspire engagement, enhance traffic, increase conversions, and encourage people to visit your business are all possible. There are many options to choose from.

When you sign up for our Facebook management services, you can take advantage of all of these benefits. Among the services provided by our social media management company are strategy recommendations, content development, social media comment monitoring, and paid advertising.
Instagram Management
Instagram can help you reach a larger audience and build a sense of community around your brand. Our Instagram social media managers will improve your business profile by introducing share-worthy images/content, as well as using Instagram Reels and IG Stories to tell your brand's story.

When you work with our marketing agency, we use analytics to improve your Instagram social media strategy. Because Instagram is owned by Facebook, their systems are very similar. However, creative images can give your brand a boost on Instagram.

If your Instagram campaign has poor visuals, it will fail even if you have the best product and customer service in the world. Instagram also allows users to structure their campaigns based on campaign objectives, such as increasing website traffic, converting users, increasing app downloads, increasing engagement, and raising awareness.

Allow Tech O'Clock, an Instagram management agency with extensive experience creating content, do all the heavy lifting for you. From gallery posts to Instagram stories to interstitial ads, we handle it all.
Twitter Management
Invest in Twitter social media marketing to get your brand noticed on Twitter. As part of our service, our Twitter advertising agency employs data-tracking tools to analyze your data, determine your target audience, and develop organic and sponsored Twitter marketing tactics that humanize your brand and drive visitors to your website.

Our social media marketing team can assist you in creating a detailed action plan that is in line with your objectives. Nigerians use Twitter in droves, with over 7 million users. Twitter offers a variety of paid advertising solutions to target these individuals. Twitter advertisers can choose from a variety of goals, such as increasing traffic, obtaining new clients, and so on.

This sociable app is ideal for broadening your audience and establishing your brand's identity. Whether you need social media management for a major corporation or a small business, our team will help you develop a cohesive, channel-specific plan.
LinkedIn Management
You can count on our LinkedIn management agency to help you in establishing a strong online presence. A well-executed LinkedIn social media marketing approach, we feel will set you apart from your competition.

We take care of your LinkedIn company profile, write valuable marketing posts, network with industry leaders, and execute LinkedIn marketing best practices, guaranteeing that your social media marketing activities on LinkedIn are successful. LinkedIn is the king of all social media platforms when it comes to targeting specific employees or business owners. 

You can reach specific audiences based on demographics such as age and region, as well as industry, position, seniority, and firm size. If your company sells business-related or educational products, LinkedIn is the place to be.

We use native social media management software solutions at Tech O'Clock to implement lead-generating enterprise social media strategies. Our social media management services are designed to increase brand reputation, demonstrate thought leadership, outperform competitors, and win market trust.
Our Clients Love Us

Results-Driven SMM Company in Lagos

Social Media Management

Tech O'Clock offered robust value at an affordable price. Site traffic has increased, and internal processes have been more efficient. It was a seamless collaboration where both parties were 100% satisfied.

Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5
Mr. Ashiru Olumide
Social Media Management

My first experience with Tech O'Clock is why I decided to hire them. Their process is way better than that of any digital marketing agency here in Nigeria. Their level of professionalism is extremely rare in this country.

Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5
Mr. Odunlami Samson
Social Media Management

This smart-working team gave us a consistent stream of fresh real estate leads while setting us up with the funnel to convert them into paying customers. Now, we get calls almost every day from our website.

Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5Social Media Management - Social Media Management 5
Mr. Stephen Akintayo

Social Media Management Plans



15 Posts Per Month

Cancel anytime
Dedicated account manager
Monthly reporting


30 Posts Per Month

Cancel anytime
Dedicated account manager
Weekly/monthly reporting


60 Posts Per Month

Cancel anytime
Dedicated account manager
Weekly/monthly reporting
Comparison Table
Page Monitoring & Responding
Boost Ad Management
Facebook & Instagram
Other Social Networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
Dedicated Account Manager
Original Content Creation for SMM
Community Management
Initial Campaign Strategy
Social Media Calendar Organization
Ad Creation & Development
Mon-Fri Post Monitoring
Results Analysis/Reporting
Two Hours of Consultation
No Setup Fee or Initial Investment
Post Frequency
15 posts/mo
30 posts/mo
60 posts/mo

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