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Content is the King of Marketing

There are an average of 40,000 requests per second made on Google for information every single day. However, not all of these people are looking for products or services to buy online; some are curiously looking for answers and solutions to their questions.

So if a company's content resonates with its target audience and provides answers to their personal issues and questions, it positions itself as an expert in its field and attracts new customers.

With content marketing, you can identify and specifically address the needs of your potential customers before you turn them into actual paying customers. A successful content marketing strategy relies on a thorough understanding of how users interact, what they're looking for, and how to keep them engaged over time.

When it comes to content strategy and data-driven implementation, there's no better marketing agency than Tech O'Clock.

Content is the King of Marketing
King of Yorubaland — Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi

Is Content Marketing Worth it?

More than 100 billion naira was spent in 2020 consuming all types of content in Nigeria, an increase of about 66% over the last few years. The importance of content marketing is obvious from the study.

In the world of content marketing, there's a lot more to it than posting a few blog posts and videos here and there. It's all about creating useful and interesting content for your customers, as well as, establishing yourself as an expert in your industry.

It's all about implementing long-term customer acquisition strategies with precision and actively promoting niche-specific, high-quality content to the appropriate audience.

Let our team of writers help you craft valuable content that will drive interested readers to your website thus boosting sales.

Tell Your Brand's Story With Content

It's becoming increasingly important for companies to have their own media presence and to develop formats and content that can be passed on to potential customers in the long term, whether on Facebook, the company blog, Instagram, YouTube, or in print.

Stories in content marketing are a great way for businesses to engage with their customers on a deeper level. Storytelling tools can also be used to guide the selection and production of content, channels, and formats that are appropriate for a given audience. As a content marketing agency, we work with clients to identify and implement their ideal content marketing strategy.

A content marketing strategy is different from a traditional PR strategy in that it aims to be the medium itself rather than distributing product-related content (the infamous pull strategy). A product or company's story is no longer just told through traditional media, but is also told through the company's own marketing and digital channels.

Content marketing agencies such as ours help companies sort out which content marketing channels are best suited for you among the many options available. If you have a website, blog, YouTube channel, online course, e-book, and more, we will analyze which content best serves your customers' needs. Your team will also benefit from our consultation as part of our content marketing services.

It's our job as a content marketing agency not to only help companies identify relevant channels and content, but also to develop guidelines and topic plans as well as SEO-optimized content for inbound marketing. Upon request, we will set up and manage the profiles, as well as display the appropriate online content, once your goals and measures have been established.

When companies use the right inbound marketing strategy, they can boost their website traffic drastically. Aside from designing and maintaining corporate blogs, we also serve as a full-service digital marketing agency. We find, tell, and design company stories in text, graphics, photos, and videos so that they reach the right target groups on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

On social media, we believe that the focus should be on the community, rather than on one-way communication. As part of our daily community management, we create our own followers for brands by curating content, using relevant hashtags and following current trends.

Content Marketing Services in Lagos

Content Research
With the help of our research, you'll learn about your customers, your competitors, and the best-case scenarios for your business. Outreach, content, SEO, digital marketing and the technologies used are all examined in the audit. We also offer a sales funnel audit if your strategy includes sales-related projects. Your strategy will be created based on these findings.
Content Planning
Goals drive success. Because of this, we work with you to set appropriate goals and metrics during the planning phase. In order to get a clearer picture of the desired outcome, we will discuss the opportunities and challenges that exist. Through either a meeting or a web conference, we will also examine the strategic, personnel, and technical infrastructure of your company.
Content Creation
Your business is always looking for innovative and cost-effective solutions to get your message out to your audience. One such way to achieve this is through the use of quality content, which we provide in abundance. You'll find everything from top lists to infographics, from listicles to animated GIFs, all of which are easy and valuable to share with your audience.
Content Distribution
We have a vast network of media connections that can be used to promote your content to a variety of paid media channels. This includes social media, search engines, bloggers, influencer networks, and other advertising opportunities that are cost-effective for your business.
Content Strategy
You will have a better idea about what to write about and how to format it based on the research we conduct. We will arrange these elements in accordance with your customer's journey, and set conversion goals for each phase of the process.
Analytics & Reporting
We constantly monitor your content's success rates through on-page, off-page, and social media analysis in order to assess the effectiveness of content marketing in your business. The results are presented in reports that are easy to understand, and we use them to continually improve the content we produce and market.

Our Content Marketing Strategies Can Boost Your sales

Content Marketing Services FAQs

Content marketing is a form of marketing that creates and shares valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience—in order to convert these people into customers.

Companies create content in order to promote their product or service. They do so by making their products more accessible for potential buyers by explaining the benefits of their products. Content marketing has evolved over the years with the help of digital evolution. It also takes place through different media channels such as social media, blogs, websites etc. With the help of proper content marketing strategies, companies are able to achieve an increase in both awareness and revenue simultaneously.

Content marketing is not just for tech companies anymore. The rising popularity of content has led many non tech companies to start investing time and money into creating quality content that can be used to attract loyal customers.

The cost of content marketing can vary depending on the strategy, goals, and needs of the business.

A business may decide to produce in-house content or outsource their marketing needs to a third-party.

There are also many ways for a company to cut costs when it comes to content marketing.

Instead of hiring writers and placing them on monthly salaries, businesses can hire a content marketing agency to cut costs and trials.

Some companies create their own blog with minimal expenses by using WordPress and other free software programs. However, this is usually not effective. The price is based on the individual sub-strategies and their preparation. And the minimum investment is ₦250,000.

People are hungry for content. Customers are finding it difficult to find the information they need, because the internet is flooded with blog posts, articles, videos, social media posts and more.

No one knows this better than businesses. They are constantly bombarded by the question of how much content should they produce? Should they do blogs? What about videos? Or maybe social media posts?

The answer is that you should do all of them! This doesn't mean that you have to do all of them at the same time. There are different types of content for different purposes.

The success of your content marketing is not an outcome but a process. You need to produce enough content in the right way to get noticed and make an impact.

It may take time for you to see results of your marketing campaigns. However, there are some indicators that will indicate that you are on the right track which can include increase in traffic, number of leads acquired and so on.

Content marketing is a form of marketing where content is created to attract customers. It is not about selling but rather it is about providing value to the customer. The content can take many forms including blog posts, videos, infographics, events, etc.

Content marketing can be done year round depending on your company's goals and objectives.

Both content marketing and social media marketing are forms of digital marketing. They both use the internet to promote a product or service.

However, content marketing relies on creating and distributing valuable and relevant content to attract customers to a company whereas social media marketing is more about using various channels such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. for the same purpose.

SEO, traffic, conversions, links among other things can be the KPIs of content marketing.

However, many of the results of content marketing are difficult to measure. The number of visitors on the website is usually the easiest thing to track. However it does not give a complete picture of how effective content marketing has been.

Most businesses make the mistake of not making their content personal. They want to share stories and information but forget that they need to make it as relevant as possible for the person reading it.

A lot of people will agree that storytelling is fastest way to create an emotional connection with your reader.

Content should be tailored for a specific audience and should speak directly to them in a tone that they can relate to. Another common mistake businesses make is to start their content marketing efforts without a clear strategy.

Ready to get started with our content marketing services? Contact our team of writers for expert-level content strategy and production.

Popular Content Types We Write For You

Blog Posts
Increase your company's visibility by writing high-quality, relevant blog posts that are shared by respected websites. Keyword research and thorough niche analysis is what our content writing service uses to come up with high-converting ideas and shareable content.
Landing Pages
Use SEO-optimized landing pages to promote the benefits of your products and services and increase the number of visitors who become paying customers. In order to boost your conversions, our content writers ensures that your site's content matches your ad, generates powerful calls-to-action (CTAs) with a captivating online copy.
Ad Copy
You can depend on our SEO content services to help you launch new products or services in the market, extend your market scope or promote your corporate events. Your ad headlines, text, valuable insights, and effective CTAs (calls to action) are all carefully crafted to engage your audience. Using A/B testing, we can identify which copy resonates best with your potential customers.
Sales Funnel
Our SEO writing services are focused on delivering targeted messages to your selected audience regardless of the medium. It is our job to develop a strategy for your sales process, as well as to organize the many elements of your content marketing campaign.
Product Descriptions
Make your product descriptions keyword-rich so that they appear in relevant search results. Making your descriptions engaging is an important component of our online content writing services. Our professional content writers follows the standard to guarantee that you attract customers and persuade them to make to take action.
Your business's reputation and authority can be expanded by our content marketing company's well-written newsletters. Your email content will be analyzed using A/B testing to see which version gets the most clicks and sales. In addition, our SEO content writers knows how to create strong CTAs and useful content that encourages return visitors and purchases.
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Content Marketing Services

Tech O'Clock offered robust value at an affordable price. Site traffic has increased, and internal processes have been more efficient. It was a seamless collaboration where both parties were 100% satisfied.

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Mr. Ashiru Olumide
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My first experience with Tech O'Clock is why I decided to hire them. Their process is way better than that of any digital marketing agency here in Nigeria. Their level of professionalism is extremely rare in this country.

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Mr. Odunlami Samson
Content Marketing Services

This smart-working team gave us a consistent stream of fresh real estate leads while setting us up with the funnel to convert them into paying customers. Now, we get calls almost every day from our website.

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Mr. Stephen Akintayo

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