How to Remove Branding On WordPress

Remove Branding
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Ibraheem is a certified digital marketer and mindfulness practitioner. He loves writing, designing & spends most of his time reading thick books, but overall, he enjoys the thrills of spying on competitors.

  1. On my computer the chat icon disappeared from my website and appeared on WP dashboard :) Apart from this the branding is gone, so it works, just don't know why it's on my dashboard...
  2. Hello, Gabor. Try deactivating some of your plugins and recheck to see if the error is still there. It's probably a plugin conflict. Let me know how it goes.
  3. I did it and it worked well, but after a week I received a message from the owners of tawk to live chat notifying me that what I did is illegal and that if I did not reverse it, they would block my account.
    1. I guess doesn't want us to tamper with their code. You can always buy the plugin if you have the money. This method probably won't last forever. 😜 Cheers!

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