How to Use PayPal in Banned Countries [No VPN]

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This works like a charm! I loved every part of your article. Well written.

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JIMOH Ibraheem

Thank you very much, and I’m glad I could help. Don’t forget to subscribe for more awesome articles.

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Cindy Mutumba

Does this method still work.

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Yes, it does! You can proceed with the instructions and give it a try.

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Emmanuel Chinonso

Am a Nigerian, I would like to know if this method still work in 2021… Can this method be used for receiving payment and making payments as well. Thank You

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Yes! The method still works, as long as you can get a virtual card to verify your debit card. In Nigeria, there are two good virtual card companies that allows PayPal—Barter by Flutterwave and Wallets Africa.

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Ahmad Hijazi

Hello, this works in Paraguay? I’m opening an online business and need to receive payments through paypal, this is the only step left for my business.

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Yes, this works in any unsupported country including Paraguay.

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Can I use my virtual debit card from Ezzo card

Avatar of JIMOH Ibraheem

Yes, as long as it allows Paypal.

It will work just fine.

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Yes, as long as it allows Paypal.

It will work just fine.

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Unfortunately, no. The process requires personal ID data, so it’s better you do it yourself.

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I’ve tried adding my phone number, but it says the number is too long? I’m slightly confused by that

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You can use any number from the country PayPal is set to. Just search for a number online and input it there.

They won’t call or text to confirm.

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What i need to put into the address field, my non supported country address?
or maybe we need a registered company for example in UK or Ireland? or we don’t need and company just put our non supported country address and also the business website?

Thank you!

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You can use a fake address generator for the selected country (Iceland in this case). Because you will need to the postal code too.

I hope this helps.

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hey , im from iran and this country is under heaviest sanctions So that i cant even open paypal website without vpn and if they know im from iran they will ban and delete my account , so i Bought us virtual phone number and us vps and prepaid visa card and make a us paypal but i cant make any payment cuz need ssn and us tax code so i should make a new paypal , in this case how can i make one ?
can i use the us vps and make paypal from like philipine or iceland?is my ip location matter or just phone number and address is important ?and by the way i think i cant my passport cuz im iranian and they will ban acc

Avatar of JIMOH Ibraheem

Hello, Han.

You do not need a VPS or VPN to use the method above to create your PayPal account.

You can also use your passport details or any details for that matter.

They don’t usually confirm. But make sure you can always access your virtual number ‘cos PayPal does random phone verification.

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Please how could we get the Iceland Virtual phone number??

Avatar of JIMOH Ibraheem

You don’t need to generate a virtual phone number. Just generate one online. You can always change it to your real phone number after signing up.

Even though I use a Iceland PayPal account, I still receive a verification code on my Nigerian phone number. So it works.

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Divine Valerian

Am a bit late but this worked for me lol. I also used a random passport number….they never ask for anything. Now i can receive payments thanksssss.

Avatar of JIMOH Ibraheem

You’re welcome, Divine!

Avatar of Emannuel

You’re welcome, Divine!

Avatar of JIMOH Ibraheem

Emannuel, just follow the steps above to create an account in Uganda.

The method still works!

Avatar of Shah zabi

Would you please give me your WhatsApp number, FB or IG? I live in an unsupported country and my whole business needs PayPal. So I’m really in need of your guidance. Please help!

Avatar of jimohib

Hello, Zabi.

The article is very detailed, and many people were able to create their PayPal account without any issue.

I am here to answer any question you have regarding opening a new PayPal account.


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