Why You Need a Website in Nigeria

You Don’t Know it Yet But You Need a Website!

there’s a reason why your competitors are winning, and you are not.

Take control, and win back your customers…

One of the most popular statements I come across when I interview business owners in Nigeria is;


“My business is not going fine, and a lot of my customers are not coming back. 

What can I do to solve this problem?” ????????‍♀️

You Need an Online Brand​ for your ​Business!

It’s that simple, or is it? The truth is that when it comes to online branding, you don’t want to hire a bad company to create and manage your business online. ????

It’s not okay to just own a website, certain things must be put in place for your website to perform its main duty; convert your traffic into customers and also follow up with them automatically.

Following up with customers after purchase to make sure their experience is great is the main reason Jumia, Konga, and Amazon and the likes keeps thriving online.

That’s right. A lot of Digital Marketing companies just ask their clients how they want their website to look, the color of their brand, and the other boring stuffs; forgetting this major ingredient to any successful business.  ????

What they often forget to ask (PS: They only want your money) is that;


These are the TWO most important questions when it comes to branding and setting up shop online. ????

Come to think of it, Is it just enough to know I will be designing a real estate website for my client?

Of course, not! 

I need to know who your ideal customer is in order to design and brand your website so it suits their needs. And to also follow up with them automatically through a system after they’ve made their first purchase, of course. ????

Implementing this sweet strategy is how Mrs Bisi Akintayo’s Mini Importation website keeps getting referrals from old students – You gain a customer for life!

Her website made over 600k in the first month with a sauce of marketing because we designed that experience for her students. ????????

She did this with an online course. Imagine what this same strategy could do for your business.


First impression they say, is a lasting one. SO make it count!

Your website is the first entity that interacts with your prospects. And if your customers can’t find one, or it looks poorly designed, they assume you are not serious about your business, and just leave. ????

With the way things are going, and based on study by Marketo, more than 79% of the people online today would prefer to do their shopping online, instead of going to local stores.

So you just can’t afford not to get a website this year… ????

Just look around you, online branding is the only edge your competitor have, and that is why they are succeeding and you are struggling with your business and with retaining customers. ????

Want that Business Growth Now?

​A Short Story…

In a recent post on my blog, I cited a story of how I started my Digital Marketing company out of frustration and fear of getting scolded. 

Back in 2013,  My aunt asked me to help her get a website designer in Lagos.

As a guru, lol, I typed “web design company near me” on Google, and voila, I got hit by many search results and plenty 5-star reviews from their previous clients (Are they even real?). ????

To cut th​e story short, I hired one from the list after reading some of the reviews I found.

The result was that I lost my aunt’s money, and wasted a lot of time making corrections on the poor site.

The experience was terrible, and with no extra money to hire someone else, I took it upon myself to design the website myself.  ????

After working on the project for more than a week, I finally presented the website to my aunt, and she loved it!

I started my company because of the feedback I got from my aunt, plus her website made close to one million naira in that year, which was a big deal back then.

Now, it’s not even close to what she makes in a month! ????

Just like my aunt, over the years, my team ​have ​built websites for different companies both in Nigeria and outside the country.

With many years of experience, we’ve developed a strategy that makes the average Nigerian buy.

Our solution puts your brand in front of your target audience. 


They STOP to see what you are SELLING by force, by fire. ????

​Africa’s most sought-after Investment Coach ​trust us to handle his brand, you can too.

​By the way, here’s what he ​has to say about us​;

“The first experience I had with the team at Tech O’Clock triggered my decision of partnering with them. Now they handle all my landing pages and most of my website projects. They give you real value for your money.” 

Stephen Akintayo

​How we do it…

With a carefully designed strategy, here are some of the things we implement in your business to skyrocket your growth online; ????

The truth is that; we know our stuff, and we are not just fooling around. 

It’s how we’ve been able to keep growing our huge list of clients over the years. 

We put their business online using the best techniques; and most importantly… 


Want that Business Growth Now?

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