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#1 Social Media Marketing Company in Nigeria.

Only trust a social media advertising company that can triple your sales in record time. Our ability to help brands such as yours connect with more customers is why named us the best.

Our social media marketing strategies will allow your business leverage the full power of social media. You can attract fresh customers to your online or offline business through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

We have a result-driven approach to social media marketing that guarantees steady business growth and cost-efficiency. From planning to execution, our transparent and measurable approach ensures that every naira spent on ads makes you more money.

Our sole purpose is to multiply your ad budget. And we don't rest until your profit far exceeds the money you spend on ads.

Social media marketing company in Lagos Nigeria
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Social Media Marketing

Why Do You Need Social Media Marketing in Nigeria?

Numbers don't lie. Hiring an effective social media marketing agency will help your business grow faster than weed.

Our Social Media Marketing Service Plans

How much will it cost to hire a social media manager in Nigeria? Explore our plans below.

FeaturesBasic PlanBetter PlanBest PlanCustom Plan
100 K/mo
280 K/mo
370 K/mo
Monthly Social Ad Budget₦150k to ₦550k₦550k to ₦1m₦1m to ₦3.7mUnlimited
Account Setup Fee₦50k (Call to waive)₦50k (Call to waive)₦50k (Call to waive)₦50k (Call to waive)
Facebook & Instagram
Other Social Networks (Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.)₦40k/mo per platform₦40k/mo per platform₦40k/mo per platform₦40k/mo per platform
Advance Ad Placements
Initial Campaign Strategy
Ad Creation & Development
Mon-Fri Ad Monitoring
Conversion Tracking Installation
Dedicated Account Manager
Geotargeting & Location Exclusions
Results Analysis/Reporting
Social Media Retargeting
Custom rule based bidding
Landing Pages₦20k / page₦20k / page₦20k / page₦20k / page
Up to two hours of consultation /mo

Need something different? You can reach out to us to learn more about customizing your social media advertising plans. If you need additional services, you can also check out our most requested add-ons below.




Email Drip (1 sequence, 4 emails)₦50,500
Landing Pages or Funnel₦20,000 / page
Video ProductionGET A QUOTE
Graphic DesignGET A QUOTE

Social Media Advertising Services: Our Process

Let's walk you through our social media marketing process.


Research is the process of gathering a good deal of information about your business, your services/products, market trends and most importantly, your competitors.

Through research, we will know what similar businesses like yours are doing to drive more sales. We will then use this information to create the perfect social media marketing strategy.


The best social media strategies are the ones with a marketing funnel. A marketing funnel is the map that shows you exactly how we will move a buyer from the awareness stage (First contact with your business) to the purchase stage (Ready to buy your product).

You will get the secret blueprint for your business. This will guarantee the success of your subsequent social media campaigns.


Content is the most critical aspect of any social media marketing campaign—after strategy. Honestly, creating a detailed message or story about your business is what really sells your product/service.

Thanks to our in-house social media strategists, we know exactly how to create interesting ad copies that will appeal to your prospects.


Optimization is key to running any successful social media campaign. And as the saying goes; "Nothing stays the same forever". So, adjusting values over time, and paying attention to changes is what makes a social media campaign ROI-positive.

We make sure everything we implement in your business generates the desired result for you. It’s how we’ve been able to keep making millions for our clients every year.


While it is not uncommon to see top social media marketing companies in Nigeria send you fake campaign reports after collecting your money, our approach is very different.

We will give you full access to your campaign dashboard, so you can see exactly how your ad budget is being spent. We don’t send screenshots that can be faked. You will get direct access to your campaign reports. We leave no ground for stories that touch the soul.

Boost your sales with social media ads

The Benefits of Advertising on Social Media

Use the power of social media advertisement to drive sales for your business.


Target your audience based on gender, age, education, job title, and more. You will be able to keep track of the types of people your ads are reaching.


You will be able to advertise in the cities, communities, and countries where you want to do business. You can also exclude locations from your ads.


Reach your customers based on interests and hobbies—from page likes to action movies. You will make your laser-focused ads even more targeted.

Social Media Advertising


You can target people who are only connected to your brand page or event. You can also exclude them to find new prospects for your business.


Show your ads based on consumer actions on the internet such as previous purchases, smartphone brands, websites or pages visited, and so on.


You can show your ads to people who took specific actions on your website. It is a known fact that only 1-2% of website visitors buy on their first visit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our clients want answers to these questions.

Generally, the key performance indicators for a social media campaign are conversion and website traffic.

Every month, we will send you a report of your traffic and conversions. But you'll also be able to track the performance on your own through your social media dashboard.

Because ad budget vary, it's hard to tell you what to expect without knowing your budget. So, results will vary.

It is also important to note that there external factors that affect conversions that is beyond our control. This can be the price, website design, product quality, niche or ad budget.

The amount of petrol in your car determines how far it will go.

On average, it takes around 2 days for you to start seeing significant results. But it might be shorter or longer depending on how competitive your industry is and other factors.

Whenever you are ready to start your social media marketing campaign, send us a message here. One of our social media managers will contact you to discuss your campaign.

After the discussion, we will develop a proposal for you. Once you sign the agreement, we will start your social media campaign immediately!

Normally, we charge a small setup fee to integrate your business into our SMM account, install tracking pixels, and create the required advertisement accounts.

But we usually exclude this fee if you decide to hire us within the first three (3) days a proposal is sent to you.

It depends on your business goals and budget.

Social media marketing, like most advertising methods, require you to spend money to make more money. Social media platforms use different pricing models. You either have to pay-per-action or click (PPA/C), or pay per impression (PPM).

But before starting a campaign, you should know how to calculate the average customer lifetime value (CLTV) and how much you are willing to spend to acquire one customer.

Knowing your CLTV will determine what you should spend on ads, but it's our job as your social media manager to tweak the campaign to pay the lowest amount per sale/lead.


Any of our in-house social media managers can take on your social media campaign because we have some of the best social media strategists in Nigeria. **Not to brag.

However, we will assign a dedicated SMM manager to you and your campaign. Your account manager will be the go-to person for all your SMM questions and reports.

Before we start your campaign, we will send a questionnaire to you to know more about your business and niche.
We will use this information and our research to create a strategy for you. If you like the approach, we will start creating the ads in our calendar. You have the power to approve or reject any of the ads before we publish them.
No. You do not need to provide content for the ad creative. Our team will brainstorm to see what's working in your industry and how to replicate it in your ad campaign.
We will use stock images and video to tell your story in a that resonates with your potential customers.
However, if you have an image or video you'd like us to use for the advert, send it to us and we will use on your ad.

We offer an initial contract term of 3 months. After the first phase of 3 months is complete, you will be serviced on a month-to-month basis.

But you have the option to cancel your contract at any time by notifying us 30 days before the end of current contract.

Boost your sales with social media ads