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The Results

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Project Background

Tech O'Clock digital marketing agency was hired by an ecommerce company that offers errand services to Africans in diaspora.  They wanted to boost their brand search with the help of SEM and social media because only a few people were searching for the errand company online. After a few months of SEO and social media campaigns, Tech O'Clock was hired to run the company's campaign.

Using SEO and social media ads, Tech O'Clock created a multi-channel digital marketing strategy. It was Tech O'Clock's Ads account that got the best results. Month-over-months, here are the results we acheived: 


  • Account Spend: -46%
  • Average CPC: -4.5%
  • Click-Through Rate: +108% 
  • Cost-Per-Acquisition: -14% 
  • Organic Revenue: +76%
  • Overall Conversion Rate: +11%


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